Integration Consulting Services

Our consultants are experts in solving integration problems and have solved virtually all of the integration problems you may be facing. As a result, most of our projects are delivered in days rather than months. Our consulting services are offered through our dedicated staff. Our resources are available globally to provide quality support. We leverage our technical and functional expertise to deliver broad range of System Integration solutions. Our system integration solutions are a fully managed package that reduces the cost and complexity of integrations for your company. It integrates your customers and channel partners — from a handful of connections to solutions capable of consistently supporting hundreds of B2B integrations. Our dedicated Integration Competency Center provides domain expertise and technical competence for the seamless execution of system integration projects using proprietary implementation methodologies.

Consulting Offerings

IntegrationCheck® Service Offering — This 2-6 week, fixed-price program provides the close-and-personal experience necessary to ensure the project-level integration initiative's success. Using Integration Expertise, we can quickly determine the current state of integration within even the largest enterprise. We then compare this against our best-practice integration patterns (organizations, infrastructure, architectures, tools, approaches) and identify the right steps or strategy to be more productive and more successful at specific client integration

Fixed Cost Integration Service Offering — We also offers fixed bid engagements to our clients. Our consulting service includes:

System Integration Consulting: Comprises system Integration strategy definition and Integration architecture definition.

Implementations: Comprises program management and end-to-end system integration solution implementation.

Integration Mentoring: Helps establish capabilities for complete integration needs of an organization from people, process and technology perspectives (viz. Governance model, Funding model, Processes & Tools, Architecture & Technical frameworks).

Product Development: Shrink-wrapped solutions including adapters, technical frameworks. Product development includes release management, QA, Documentation and product management.

Value proposition

Our value proposition for your business lies in strategic alliances and technology expertise such as

  • XML Application Integration: XSLT, XPath, XPointer, XLink, DOM, XPP, Simple API for XML (SAX) MS.NET and J2EE platforms including J2EE Connector Architecture, Web Logic and Web Sphere
  • Message Oriented Middleware: IBM Websphere MQ; MSMQ and JMS
  • Microsoft's COM (Component Object Model)/DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model)
  • CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)
  • Oracle applications, SAP, PeopleSoft and COTSFinancial software