Complete Assessment

Unless you work for a high-tech company, Information Technology probably isn’t a core competency for you. As a business leader, you want your time and energy focused on the pressing challenges and opportunities of growing a successful organization, not trying to figure out why, when, where, or how much to invest in technical infrastructure.

That’s where ITC can help. Our technology professionals live and breathe IT. They know it. They live it. They love it - most of them even spend their free time with it - and that’s why companies turn to us when they want to assess their IT environment.

What’s an IT Assessment? Simply put, it’s a comprehensive analysis of how well your technology infrastructure aligns with the goals and needs of your business. We don’t believe in technology for the sake of technology, but rather as a mechanism for empowering business success. So while you’re focused on cultivating your core competencies, our team will help you figure out if you’re spending too much or too little, where you have the opportunity to gain the most leverage from technology, and how to maintain an infrastructure that empowers your team to thrive and grow. If you like our work, we’ll even stick around and help implement the plan, and all at a cost that will make your competitors green with envy.

An IT Assessment includes:

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